Areas Industrial Engineers Work

Industrial Engineers can work in many areas in the industry.Some of the possible employment areas include technology management, operations research, systems engineering, optimization, flexible manufacturing systems, planning and control of production and inventory systems, ergonomics, computer applications, process control, multi-objective decision making, machine scheduling, performance evaluation, simulation, service sector, and administrative duties.

In the information and technology age, industrial engineers are also expected to find many job opportunities in emerging areas such as knowledge management, innovation/R&D management, technology management, change management, and supply chain management.

Manufacturing firms and service industries hire a significant number of IEs. Today, more and more businesses hire IEs in areas like sales & marketing, finance, information systems and personnel. Corporations as diverse as Coca Cola, UPS, Disney, IBM, Levi Strauss, Nike, The Gap, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Boeing (to name just a few) all use people with IE backgrounds to help manage their businesses. Other industries employing IEs are hospitals, airlines, banks, railroads, and social services.


areas industrial engineers work