IE Social Fund


Article 1: Aim 
The purpose of this fund is to build a close relationship between department of Industrial Engineering and the academic staff by demonstrating the idea of helping to each other like invitations for dinners at the beginning of the semester and at the end of a semester, departmental picnics, cocktails, purchasing various presents for the academic staff's special occasions, departmental facilities and finally to contribute the Department of Industrial Engineering in order to arrange social activities/facilities.

Article 2: Membership 
The fund is made-up of volunteered EMU Industrial Engineering Academic and Administrative personnel and their financial contributions. These members are as follows:
1. Full Time Instructors
2. Part Time Instructors
3. Full Time Research Assistants
4. Part Time Research Assistants
5. Lab Assistants
6. Department Secretary
7. Other Academic Staff
Members can contribute either by 10 US$/month or 5 US$/month to the fund. Those contributing by 10 US$ are Full Members of the fund. New members must fill up membership application forms. Members must deposit their contributions to the fund bank accounts between 1st and 10th of each month.

Article 3: Expiry of the Membership
The membership to the fund can be ended whenever the member wants to or if that person's affiliation with the department ends. In both cases the departing member should inform the fund's Board of Executives. The departing members have no right to ask for the money, which they have contributed to the fund, and they have no right to get benefit from the advantages mentioned below after their membership ceases.

Article 4: Advantages of the Fund
The advantages of the fund to the members are as follows:
1. Members may join the social activities fully sponsored by the fund without any charge or by paying very small amounts.

Article 5: Administrative Bodies of the Fund
The administrative bodies of the fund are:
1. General Assembly
2. Boards of Executives
3. Board of Auditors.

Article 6: General Assembly of the Fund
The General Assembly of the fund consist of all members who contribute to the fund. 
Duties And Responsibilities:
The General Assembly has the following responsibilities and duties:
1. To discuss the annual reports of the Board of Executives and the Auditors of the fund.
2. The exoneration of the previous Board of Executives.
3. The Election of the Board of Executives and the Board of Auditors. 
4. The abolishment of the fund

The General Assembly may have ordinary or extraordinary meetings. The ordinary meeting of the general assembly is held each year before the academic year starts. If needed, the general assembly may be called for an extraordinary meeting at the request of either by the head of the Board of Executives or by at least half of the members of Board of Executives or by at least one fourth of the fund members. The head of the Board of Executives then announces the general assembly meeting and the meetings are held in the meeting room of the E.M.U. Industrial Engineering Department.
The Agenda of the Meetings: 
The agenda of the General Assembly meeting includes the suggestions of the Head of the Fund Committee's and the members of the General Committee's suggestions on the application of the meeting and the date and time of the meeting is announced at least 10 days before the meeting that will be held, by the Head of the Executive Committee to the other members.
The Majority of the Meeting:
The head of the Executive Board initially chairs the general assembly and if a simple majority of the members are present the assembly convenes. If a simple majority of the members are not present at the room, the meeting is postponed and it should be held two days later at the same hour and same place. After postponement, the meeting will be convened with the members present without requiring a majority. After the attendance to the meeting is checked, the chair should ask for candidates for the chair and the secretary of the meeting, after which the present members will elect one chairperson and one secretary for directing the general assembly meeting. The elected member will take over the chair of the meeting from the Head of the Board of Executives. The secretary has the responsibility of keeping the minutes of the minutes and signing it together with the chairperson of the meeting after the meeting ends. At the end of the meeting all minutes and other certificates are given to the reigning members of the Board of Executives for safekeeping.
Majority Sought in Assembly Decisions:
The decisions in general assembly is taken by the simple majority of the attending members. All elections are performed using secret vote, while all other decisions are taken by raising hands.

Article 7: Board of Executives of the Fund
The members of Board of Executives for the fund are elected by the general assembly among their full members. The four candidates who receive most votes will be elected as members of the Board and next 4 members are listed in descending order of votes as Standby Members to replace any Board Member who may have to vacate his/her position before the end of his/her term.
Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities:
1. To manage the fund according to the governing regulations and to activate the decisions of the General Assembly.
2. To perform the necessary activities towards the goals of the fund and manage the budget.
3. To prepare an annual report on the social activities, which take place during the whole academic year and present it to the meeting of the General Assembly.
4. Making necessary changes to the fund management regulations.
5. Using all the authorities that are given by the General Committees.
Head of Board of Executives:
The members of the Executive Committee elect one of the members of the Board as the head of fund Board of Executives. Whenever the position of Head of Committee is vacant, the members of the Board of Executives elect new Head.

Accountant is elected by the members of Board of Executives in order to manage the cash and the budget of the fund. Whenever the position of accountant is vacant, a member of the Board is elected by the members of the Board of Executives to fill this position.
Meeting Principles and Voting Majority:
Fund Board of Executives meets regularly once in every 3 months at the invitation of the Head of the Board of Executives. A simple majority is required to take decisions at the Board meetings. In case of ties, the vote of the Head of the Board breaks the tie.
Vacancy of the Board Membership:
If a member wants to resign from the Board of Executives, he has to submit a letter of resignation. In case of a vacancy, the standby member who got the highest vote in the elections of fund Board of Executives will fill the vacancy.

Article 8: Board of Auditors 
The Auditing Board is composed of two members elected by the General Assembly. Two more members are elected as standby members to fill any possible vacancy in the Board of Auditors. The Board of Auditors is responsible for examining the activities of the Board of Executives such that those activities are in line with the regulations and the decisions of the General Assembly and they may alert the Board of Executives in case of irregularities. Board of Auditors must also prepare an annual report of their auditing 
activities for presentation to the general assembly.

Article 9: Documentations
Fund Board of Executives is responsible for keeping the following documents:
1. Member Registration File.
2. Logbook of decisions.
3. Income and Expenditure Journal.
4. Assets Record Sheet.

Article 10: Expenditures
The expenditures from the fund can only be made by the approval of the Head of the fund Board of Executives and signature of four members of the board. Out of the fund money an amount of Turkish Lira equivalent to hundred US dollars is to be kept in a cash box in the possession of department secretary of the Industrial Engineering. This cash can be used in need of emergency by the approval of the Head of the Board of Executives for the benefit of the department and should be replaced when funds are received from the University for that purpose.

Article 11: Abolition of the Fund 
The fund can only be abolished by the proposal of the Executive Board and the decision of the General Assembly. In case of abolishing of the Fund any outstanding funds will be used to buy an educational tool or material to be decided by the Executive Board and it will be donated to the E.M.U. Industrial Engineering Department.

Article 12: 
This regulation consists of 11 Articles and 1 transitionary article.

Temporary Article 1: Founding Members of the Executive Board
Founding Members of the Executive Board are consisting of Nureddin Kirkavak (Head), Haluk Saffet Balkan (Accountant), Ferda Can Cetinkaya and Hakan Ozaktas. The responsibilities of the founding board of executives terminates as soon as a new Executive Board is elected during the first meeting of the General Assembly of the Fund.

Gokhan IZBIRAK(Head) 
Adham MACKIEH(Accountant)

Gokhan IZBIRAK(Head) 
Orhan KORHAN(Accountant)