Work Study Laboratory

The Work Study and Ergonomics Laboratory serve both the undergraduate and graduate students. They are used in education and research. They provide facilities to perform methods analysis and time study. Manufacturing-related activities as well as service-related activities can be simulated in this lab. Measurement of human physiological parameters, evaluation of human performance, workplace and work methods assessment, fatigue assessment, and assessing the safety of human-technology systems can be done in these facilities. Students will become familiar with human capabilities and limitations at work; measurement of workloads, designing and testing work methods for easiness and human comfort. Equipments available in these laboratories include Electro cardiograph system, Electromyography system, Purdue pegboards, Flicker Fusion System, Portable Audiometer w/ Power Supply, Reaction Initiation Time software, rating films, time study boards, Chronometers, various assemblies, anthropometry set, sound level meter, hand grip dynamometer, and Employee Aptitude Survey set (EAS).


EAS set includes ten different tests:

  • EAS 1- Verbal Comprehension
  • EAS 2- Numerical Ability
  • EAS 3- Visual Pursuit
  • EAS 4- Visual Speed & Accuracy
  • EAS 5- Space Visualization
  • EAS 6- Numerical Reasoning
  • EAS 7- Verbal Reasoning
  • EAS 8- Word Fluency
  • EAS 9- Manual Speed & Accuracy
  • EAS 10- Symbolic Reasoning


The courses currently supported by this lab include the following:

  • IENG301 Fundamental of Work Study and Ergonomics
  • IENG405 Human Factors Engineering
  • IENG505 Ergonomics


  • Project Title: An Empirical Investigation of the Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders during Computer Use and Finding Ways to Prevent Them.


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